My Weekend With Batman

I’ve just finished my latest piece of work for the Co-op so I gave myself the weekend to play Batman: Arkham City. Wow!…What a masterpiece! For all game lovers out there, if you haven’t already, put it on your Christmas List right now! I fell in love with Arkham Asylum when it came out and I didn’t think Arkham City would go and better it. I don’t want to spoil it for you so I’ll cease before I accidentally reveal anything integral to the plot, however, let it be known that it is stunning in every way and it almost made me cry a little manly tear…almost!

Anyway, back to the real world, The Co-op requested animated sections for the short videos they will show at their annual general meeting this year. The brief was very similar to last year’s (The Co-op AGM 2010) so I had a good idea of how to produce the videos from the start. I’ve uploaded a combined edit of all the videos for your viewing pleasure as showcasing the videos out of context wouldn’t make a whole load of sense. You can see this piece and my other work by clicking here.

I’m really close to finishing all the shots for Comet too so expect an update soon. Then there will be the small task of producing the music and SFX. I can’t wait to have a finished piece to show you all.