Sep 2011

Airdrop Has Landed

Three months has come down to this, 9 seconds of pure wonderment…Considering how much my class at Escape has been taught in since the last project, it’s a marvel we all managed to complete our 9 second brief on time.

So, as you can see this last VFX Production project required the class to put CGI elements into a filmed backplate. We were advised (listening to your tutor = success) to only use around 10 seconds of footage. I really wanted to create some drama within my piece to make it more than just an object sat within some footage so I decided upon the airdrop idea. The backstory behind the piece is one of espionage and adrenaline…The Secret Operations Executive (a real British WWII organisation founded by Winston Churchill and Hugh Dalton to “set Europe ablaze,” by means of sabotage and reconnoissance behind enemy lines) have dropped a new special unit into enemy territory to potentially turn the tide of the war in the ally’s favour. This new unit is the robot you see in the piece. Ok so I’m bending reality heavily but as a premise, I think it works.

I’ll be posting up more from this project soon to give you an idea of how it was created and show a bit more of the robot that I laboured over for a day only to just have his head visible. Tragic! Anyway, a huge thanks has to go out to the team at Escape Studios. It was an absolute pleasure going to course every day (I felt as though I should have received a 100% attendance certificate, ahhh school…) and I would recommend it to anyone wanted to start a career in this line of work.

This is definitely not a finished product (there’s still a lot to sort out and finalise) but other than that, I hope you enjoy it in its full 9 second entirety.