May 2011

Hello To You and Say Hello To Comet

So, I think it’s about time to introduce my new blog to you all and let you all know all the things I’m getting up to. I’ll be posting work in progress, things that catch my eye from inside cyberspace, what I’m currently up to and possibly a lot of random randomness.

Firstly, escape is on my mind...At the start of July I officially begin class at
Escape Studios in Shepherd’s Bush. So I’ll be making the big move from Rutland, the smallest county in England with a population around 35,000, to the biggest city in England with a population exceeding 10 million (which classifies it as a MEGACITY). I wont give you exact figures but that’s a big! Escape will improve my 3D animation skills so I’ll be able to create more fun things and take on a more diverse range of work. I’ll be letting you know how I get on.

Finally, I have a new project to introduce. It’s called Comet and it’s about...a comet. So far, I have a main character, the title, art direction and a brief narrative outline so there’s still a lot to do but it’ll be well on it’s way soon. When I have more to show, I’ll post it up. I hope you enjoy it...