Mar 2012

A Song And A New Client

Like most freelancers, I love having really varied projects to work on. So, when I received the called to make a bespoke music track for FWD Creative’s 2012 showreel, I jumped up out of my seat, punched the air, got a bit embarrassed and then sat back down. They had a placeholder track to which they had already edited to so, I just matched the tempo and had a field-day. Turn your speakers up (not too loud, but loud enough) and enjoy.

Possibly the best thing to happen to me recently was acquiring a brand-new client. The story goes that Casual Films needed an animator quick-sharp, so they googled, “London animator,” and went through videos until they found something they liked. This was one of the best career-related pieces of news I’ve ever heard. I almost shed a tear.
Working there was amazing and my first commissioned piece was this for Betfair’s new branding, 'We Like Amazing.’ I only had a few days to complete the project but I'm pleased with the outcome and so were Betfair. Smiley faces all around.

Betfair 03_Small

Betfair 05_Small