Jun 2011

Disney's Animation Hardware c.1940

What a great piece of footage? Perfected in the 1937, the Multiplane Camera went on to feature heavily in the production of Pinocchio, Fantasia, Bambi, Peter Pan and finally, The Little Mermaid. I always wondered how Disney were able to create such depth and the sensation of parallax scrolling in their earlier feature films so cheers YouTube. I love "ahead of its time" technology like the multiplane but part of me is very, very happy I don't have to work my way around one of these bad-boys nowadays...Phew.

Comet Interaction

So much for putting Comet on the shelf for a while...At the moment I’m working during the day and bringing Comet out for fun during the evening.

I’ve been able to push the, well, lets say, “limited,” 3D shot from my last blog post towards something that does portray 3 dimensions working together, however I’ll be saving that for the final animation...just to keep you wanting more.

As for now, Here’s a new shot testing out some of Comet’s facial expressions and movements to see how he can interact with the environment. The narrative is pretty close to being finished and I really know Comet’s character so I’m ready to go full steam ahead with production. Exciting...

Comet Enters The 3rd Dimension

Comet is coming along nicely and today I’ve subjected the poor little fellow to three dimensions all at once, albeit very minimally. The story is becoming richer and clearer in my mind every day so I already know this shot won’t be in the final version as it was simply a test to see how far I could push the shot variety. Now I have another dimension to play with, the end piece will hopefully feel more diverse.

A few commissions have come my way within the last few days so Comet may find itself being pushed back slightly whilst I put the metaphorical bread on the metaphorical table. However, when I find the time and have something to show I’ll pop it up and depending on the privacy surrounding the contracts I have, I’ll upload snippets from them too.
Have a great weekend everyone.