Jul 2011

Modelled Bush

Bush TR82B Render01
Bush TR82B Render02

Just a really quick update to show how my project at Escape is getting on. I’ve never modelled with Maya before and at first, the software was extremely overwhelming but now…I LOVE MAYA. It’s so much fun and it all makes sense. It’s really not intuitive sometimes but that’s part of its appeal. It’s so beautifully complex. Anyway, my radio has now been fully modelled. I’ve applied some basic shaders on it to give some idea of it’s colour. Here are some fun test renders to show you what it looks like.

The deadline for the project is in a week and a bit so I’ll be posting my next update around then. Have a great weekend.


Vintage Bush. Brand New Website

Bush TR82B

Hopefully you’ve noticed, I’ve redesigned my website and I very much hope you like it. Other than looking pretty, it should now work perfectly on any tablet, pc or phone.

Well, my first project brief at Escape Studios has arrived. By the 12th of August (seems like a long way off but because of our schedule it’s more like 7 and a half days) I will have created my first photo-real object with Maya. It’ll be composited in to a photo and made to look like it was really there. So although the project seems small, my lack of experience with Maya will make it a lot of hard work. Anyway the object I’m going to create, if you haven’t already guessed, is an old Bush TR82B transistor radio. It’s a beautiful item and it’s extremely complex inside, which I also plan to model. It was also made in England so that’s pretty nostalgic. I’ll be sure to post the end result of the project on completion. As for the whole course, I’m having a brilliant time and if you just so happen to be thinking about studying there, don’t hesitate for a second.

What a sad day the 23rd of July has been, along with the awful events in Oslo, news that Amy Winehouse has been found dead is now being covered. I was a huge fan of her music so it’s extremely sad news to hear. My thoughts are with everyone in Norway and the Winehouse family. Tragic.

Anyway, I hope the rest of your 23rd gets a bit better and cheerier. So long…

Relocation Relocation Relocation

I’m now a Londoner! Shepherd’s Bush is my new home and I have to say it’s pretty awesome so far, apart from the rent which isn’t so awesome. It doesn’t matter though because now I can continue working and look forward to starting Escape on Monday. My workflow is going to get a bit tight considering I’ve got Escape during the day and work to do at night. However, my personal projects will get squeezed into the mix somehow and then I’ll try shoe-horning some fun stuff in there too...like playing
Tiny Tower!

This little game has me hooked, like
Sword and Sworcery had me before. It’s just so charming and it has a great The Sims / Theme Park feeling to it. Anyway...

So, how’s Comet I hear you ask. It’s all coming together very nicely thank you very much for asking. I’m really happy about its progress so far and although there isn’t a huge amount of time to devote to it right now, whenever there’s a chance, it’s so fulfilling to work on. The story and aesthetics seem to push each other in the right direction and so I feel like it’s making itself. I’ve embedded a little video depicting some high speed movement as it’s a quick way to show you some more of the animation style. It makes no sense out of context, but I know what’s going on...I hope. Enjoy it have a fun weekend.