Aug 2011

I Am Now Maya Certified…YES!


I’ve finished the first half of my course at Escape. It’s gone far too fast but it’s been far too much fun to complain. I presented my work and it went down well so I’m pretty darn pleased. There are a few things that need tweaking but for the time being, I’ve had enough of touching up the Bush, and I’m sure you’ve had enough of the puns…(if not just drop me an email and we can get them out of our systems together!)

I’ve linked my completed photos from Flickr to here so just click on them to see them much bigger if you’d prefer. The before and after shots were a must to upload. I hope you like them.

Now I’m on to the next project which is to do some crazy VFX work and track loads of objects in to some footage. If I thought one still frame was hard enough, just think what 200 frames is going to do to me. Check back soon to see if I’m tough enough to get through the impending ordeal…of FUN!