Apr 2012

April Illustration Time

Community Champions Illustration Small

I seemed to take time out from animation this month and ended up producing a lot of illustration work. Above is an illustration for the Co-op which will be printed as posters, in leaflets and other exciting forms. The Community Champions event will highlight special stories from within the community which have had a positive effect. I hope my illustration will have a positive effect and get lots of people involved. Hurrah!


I know everyone is at it at the moment, but I love Draw Something. I don’t even keep track of what turn my Mum and I are on now. Anyway, it keeps her busy and off the streets. I thought I’d start sharing a few of my favourite turns with you all so you can delve a little further in to my psyche. So, I present to you, a zombie and if you ever want a game, find me at georgeshelbourn@gmail.com.

Star Wars 01Star Wars 02Star Wars 03Star Wars 04

And finally, to add to the illusion I’ve had a pretty relaxed month, I went out and bought some Star Wars Lego. Me and my brother were obsessed with Lego when we were little so I had to buy some to reminisce. I also find it very relaxing and exciting to make, much in the same way I enjoy assembling Ikea furniture (grown-up Lego).