The Completion Of Comet

Comet is complete. Hurrah!

I’m really pleased with the outcome and to have taken a piece from conception through to realisation is always an amazing feeling. Producing the sound-design and soundtrack was one of the most enjoyable parts of the project and I now feel at one with Logic Pro once again. As for the animation itself, it was all produced within After Effects as I started before I had a good grasp of Maya’s animation tools. So I decided to keep it all in within the same package. I thought I’d follow a little tradition of mine to post some of the storyboards just so you all get a feel of the processes behind creating my animations. Take a look below and if you want to have a really, really close look, click on each image to be transported to its Flickr counterpart.

Anyway, If you haven’t watched it already…what are you waiting for?

Comet Storyboard 01 Thumb

Comet Storyboard 02 Thumb

Comet Storyboard 03 Thumb

Comet Storyboard 04 Thumb