S.O.E Robot

As I promised, here is more of the Secret Operations Executive’s recon robot. I thought it best to post up some of the pre-production process too just to highlight an overstated but crucial point, preparation is key. This robot is my first character produced with Maya and I wouldn’t have modelled/animated it within the last week of the course if I hadn’t had a solid idea of what it would look like before putting it together. As soon as I had the concept for the airdrop scenario I drew sketches until I was happy with a design. I’ve included the most applicable sketches (not ones on the back of shopping lists etc) just to give you a taster. Click the images to see them bigger on Flickr.

Towards the bottom of the image collection, there are some simple renders of the robot which show how each feature translated from the page into the depths of my Macintosh and at the top of this post there is a little turntable video (if you have already watched it I hope you enjoyed it) which again shows the robot model in full.

So what next…?
For now, I have a freelance job to complete but after that I will be finishing off my animation/VFX showreel along with my latest short Comet. Exciting stuff! From all of that I’ll hopefully be able to catch some more fresh project contracts. As always, I’ll keep updating my blog and letting you know how things are going. Happy Sunday.