New Year. New Projects

So here we are in 2012. Christmas already seems like a distant memory and my New Year’s resolutions are still going…just. 2012 has got off to a great start with lots of new and exciting projects.

I recently produced a VFX shot for a new Aston Martin Cygnet promo. The film, made by Khurrum M.Sultan, has gone live on all Aston Martin digital platforms and is already racking up the hits on YouTube. The particular shot I worked on begins around 2:36 and features the word ‘valet’ on a badge which I have super-imposed (take a peek at the pictures below). Although the sequence is short, positioning valet onto the badge was trickier than it would appear due to the speed it moves, its lack of distinct points to track and only having a day to complete the task. However, I managed to get the job done in a very, “I’m going round the houses to look for a solution in somewhere extremely random (probably a dustbin),” kind of way. It’s a great little film and I’m really proud to have a credit. Take a gander and keep a look out for my VFX credit.

Aston Martin 01
Aston Martin 02

I also illustrated a new “tab” on the Lincolnshire Co-op Facebook page. The brief was to create a fun, fresh page introducing the team behind the Co-op’s digital branding. First I created a few different styles (down below) that fitted in with the tabs they already had and when I knew which style they preferred I created the rest of the page. The Co-op and I are pleased with the result. Hurrah. Take a look for yourself
here and I know it’s a bit late but, Happy New Year everybody.

Meet The Team
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